I’ve recently been working on a range of music for film projects with a long-time collaborator and friend of mine; we’ve been entertaining the idea of creating a kind of semi-musical short film for a little while and I began writing a set of songs for this project. I’ve finally had a chance to lay one down and this is it: Hypodermia. The song is an introspective look at the end of relationship where the main character in the story is still dealing with the fall out. Listen below or download for free on Bandcamp.



Under my skin
It’s where you crawl in the night
Inside my veins where you hide

You’re my heroine
A tourniquet at my side
I tear at the back of my eyes

Coffee stained breath
And perfume that you hide behind
Smoke-screens playing games with my mind

We’re not done yet
There’s still words that I’ve yet to find
Still pages and pages unread in my mind

You swim from my heart to my brain
So I’m poking at all of my veins
This feels like hypodermia
Now I’m playing it over again
But I’m changing some things that you said
I can’t take this hypodermia

Released November 2, 2017
Written, performed and produced by Niall Higham

©2017 Niall Higham