About Me

I’m a musician, designer and student.

I’ve been drawn to a wide range of creative outlets over the years and now I have the chance to act on all of those avenues I’ve explored, that’s why I’m enrolled on a Creative Digital Media Course. My main interest right now is the way that analogue and digital design work together, I’m looking to produce more work combining both of these worlds and I’m excited to see where this takes me.

Creatives whose work I’ve been particularly inspired by include William Klein, Andy Warhol and David Fincher among others. More recently musicians and designers such as Biffy Clyro, Marina Diamandis and Jimmy Turrell have been influential on me.

My main projects outside of university right now are primarily music, including work for my band Toy Collar as well as solo production.

Contact me:

Facebook: facebook.com/NiallHighamMedia/

Instagram: @niallhighammedia

Site Portrait
This little snap is courtesy of my friend Charlie Smith, check out his Facebook Page